Social Sales
for B2B

Better leads, more responses, more meetings. Target and engage customers early in their evaluation cycle with our unique search and recommendation platform for social media.

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Find customers
faster on
social media

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Find customers faster
on social media

Search across social media at one time. View and save your results as live topic feeds. Get the most relevant and recent content automatically.

Not sure if you should like, comment, or share? Get suggestions on who to engage with and what to do for more effective outreach.

Better target the people who are looking for your solution. Get the top hashtags and keywords so you’re reaching the right audience for your offering.

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People are talking
about trender™

The Trender platform is a game-changer for brands who understand that timely engagement is vital and that amplifying the right content can be the difference between success and so-so social media

Joshua Dirks
Co-founder at Project Bionic

Imagine if you could constantly monitor every relevant social channel and jump in at just the right time. Now stop imagining because you can

Lou Belmonte
CEO Bombshell Wax

Trender significantly reduces our teams time on monitoring individual hashtags or mentions within the individual platforms and curates all of our high priority phrases into one feed – it’s been a game changer

Stacy Hughes
Associate Director, Social Media, Synapse SEM has truly helped me as a social “influencer” tremendously. It can be challenging to filter through content to dig for the true GOLD that can help me engage with my audience. allows me to curate my very own feed powered through my social platforms. I can search keywords and find posts around any topic with the click of a button

Tom Slocum
Program Director, RevGenius

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Cut through the noise, make connections at scale.

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Your prospects are active on social media. Find the topics related to your business or offering and go where people are talking to get leads.


People who are active and engaging on social media have a real need. Focus on prospects who are actually interested and looking.



You’ve engaged on social media, your prospects recognize your name and who you are. They’re more likely to open your email or DM when you send it.



Establish a digital relationship with your prospect by answering questions & providing value. You’ll know better when to ask for more and if they’re receptive to it.



Prospects know you through engagement or your social presence in the topics they care about. They will be more likely to talk to you if you’re knowledgeable and authentic.

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