B2B Contact

Find & engage the right people at the right companies who want to buy. Warm up your customer engagement with intelligence & insights.

Automate Your Lead Generation

Find Leads

No more endless hunting through LinkedIn Navigator. We automate finding top prospects based on your target ICP across social media and the web with buyer intent scoring & hot lead alerts.

Monitor Your Lead

Monitor Prospects

Monitor your deals and get ahead of surprises. We scan across social media & notify you of current activities with your prospects. No more checking multiple apps.

Uncover Reach Data Insights

Uncover Insights

AI-enabled research combines public and business data to unlock deep customer insights. Identify and analyze customer data across web, social and CRM data to better prosecute new deals and expansion revenue.

“The ability to take data – to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualize it, to communicate it – is going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades.”

Hal Varian
Chief Economist at Google

Automate the Discovery of B2B Prospects

Drive more net new opportunities into your business, maximize your pipeline conversions, and accelerate deal close rates.

  • One click discovery of top B2B prospects in your ICP.
  • Enriched data includes LinkedIn URL, email, and phone.
  • Push contact details to other business systems including CRMs and sales engagement tools.

Prospect Finder

Create prospect lists from LinkedIn

The Trender Chrome extension is a powerful compliment to Prospect Finder. If you’re on LinkedIn and see a company you want to go after, you can use Trender’s Chrome extension and with one click kick off a Prospect Finder job, set up a Watch Channel, or Profile a contact.

  • Quickly start a Prospect Finder or Profiler job directly from LinkedIn.
  • Realtime data – forget about stale databases with outdated information.
  • Enrich your prospects with accurate email and phone data.

Chrome Extension

Monitor Top Accounts and Prospects

Stop working in technology silos. Setup, organize and manage company and individual social channels in one place.

  • Get notified when your top accounts, prospects or competitors are posting on social media.
  • Get real-time insights on open funnel deals and flag hidden risks.
  • Real-time integration with Slack and Gmail.

Watch Channels

Uncover Rich Contact Insights

Synthesize individual and related company data to create a comprehensive profile of your prospect, unlocking deep customer insights. Combines the best in search, natural language processing, LLM and generative AI to deliver unique context about intent, personality & style, goals, and issues. 

  • Find and aggregate buyer data to deliver unique insights about intent, personality & style, goals, and issues.
  • Provides an at-a-glance snapshot of a buyer persona allowing revenue teams to better qualify, personalize, engage and monitor throughout the deal cycle.
  • SDRs and AEs can use the AI chat capabilities to ask deeper questions and generate personalized outreach. 
  • Connects to other data sources like CRMs and external business data including corporate, financial or industry specific data.



Easily integrate Trender into CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot and other sales productivity tools like Salesloft or Outreach.

  • Unify and utilize all of the customer intelligence you gather while remaining in a workflow you’re familiar with.
  • Individual one click or bulk transfer leads to your CRM.
  • Supports all Zapier endpoints

Who uses Trender.ai?

Trender empowers your entire revenue team to be more effective, efficient, and streamlined. Accelerate the way your organization discovers, manages, and converts pipeline to revenue.

Enrich your prospect data and engage customers with greater context.

  • Founders: Grow, hire and analyze with a single cost-effective prospecting tool.
  • Sales and BD: Streamline your prospecting. Trender removes the tedious, time-consuming parts of sales and BD work so your time is freed up to build relationships and generate revenue.
  • Marketing: Tap into automation to quickly build prospect lists and grow the funnel. Uncover your entire target audience. Easily A/B test with multiple personas.

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