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Social War Room

Amplify your client’s brand with social listening. Monitor trends and conversations. Engage with fans & customers. Keep tabs on the competition. Be “on trend” and ahead of the game.

Social Listening
Just Like
The Top Brands’s search and recommendation platform searches hundreds of thousands of public posts across Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook every minute to bring you the most relevant content quickly. gives you the edge that the biggest brands and top agencies enjoy for a fraction of the cost.

Find Fans, Followers, and Influencers

Your clients biggest advocates are not where you think they are. Our cross platform search pinpoints who is loving your brand publicly. You can quickly identify and engage with people who will amplify your client’s message in a fraction of the time it takes for manual search.

On Trend All the Time

Great brands stay on top of current trends in their market. With you can create real-time time Topic Feeds that continually update with the latest and most relevant content. Get in the conversation, know the most popular topics, and get inspired for your own content.

Avoid Social Media Disasters

Get ahead of social media issues before they become a crisis. Real time listening and content feeds give you insight into what and how people are talking about a topic important to your client. Know before you post to avoid appearing tone deaf or out of touch.

Benefits for Agencies

  • Client Retention

    Use to get results. Our customers report an average 80% increase in reach, engagement, and followers in as little as 30 days. Strong ROI makes for happy clients who stay with you longer.

  • Save Time

    Trender’s platform helps you keep focused on the social media content that matters most. See and respond to only the relevant posts without all the distractions of paid ads, sponsored posts, and “fluff” content.

  • Stay Ahead

    With our real-time feed updates, you’re getting the most contemporary content for your search automatically. Align your content strategy with the topics, trends, and tags that people are using for more effective reach and engagement.

Agency Friendly Features

Custom Topic Feeds

Create your own social media feeds based on your search criteria. You can create topic feeds to monitor and respond to your clients’ announcements, monitor brand sentiment, keep tabs on the competition, do market research, or find thought leaders in your industry.

Automatic Updates

No need to re-enter searches manually or refresh existing searches. We continuously monitor your Topic Feeds on and offline so that you get the latest and greatest. You don’t have to worry about missing posts or finding posts that are too old to respond to.

Like, Comment, Share Natively

You can read and respond to posts all within Trender. No need to open apps natively to respond, follow, or save posts. Prefer to use the native app? You simply click on the post and we’ll open the post in your native social media app automatically.

Share Feeds

Collaborate with your clients in the app. You can share Topic Feeds with view, act, or manage permissions to give your client visibility into what’s going on. Use sharing for better coverage and responsiveness across your agency in case someone is unavailable.

Top 20 Analytics

Understand the most popular keywords, hashtags, and people within your Topic updated daily. The Top 20 helps you use the best combination of tags and keywords for reach and engagement. Top 20 People help you identify thought leaders and influencers to engage with.

Consolidate Content

Our Topic Feeds show the most relevant content across social media platforms in one stream. You can see all of your TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts in one feed at the same time instead of having to skip across apps or screens. Filtering helps you narrow down content even more.

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