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Each individual customer deserves the respect of being known and they will reward you for it. Trender unlocks buyer accessibility and conversion through continuous, integrated, AI-driven intelligence that reveals, understands, and engages the individual human behind the contact at scale.
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More Information. Better Retention.

Trender.ai automatically gets the latest news about your customer as it happens on social media. Find expansion opportunities or get ahead of news that could impact your renewal.

Get Ahead of Retention Opportunities and Churn

Automated Information

Monitor all your key customers and contacts for any changes and get notified as they happen automatically via email or Slack.

Proactive Communication

Get ahead of current news that could spell trouble for your renewal - job changes, layoffs, new management.

Fuel Expansion

Good news for your customer? Know when these events happen and seize the opportunity to upsell and cross sell.

Boost Promoters

Engage with your customers and let them feel the love so they love you back!

Never Miss an Opportunity with Your Customer

Understand what’s happening with your customers, when it's happening. Get real-time notifications so you can take immediate action to get more expansion revenue, or minimize hidden risks.

Stay Current with All Your Customers

Know what’s going on before scheduled customer check in calls. Increase CSAT and NPS when your customer feels you’re paying attention to their business.

Mitigate Churn

Further enrich Businesses go through changes and that affects your renewals. Get the signals ahead of time so you can proactively plan with your customer instead of getting surprised. your data with key information from accounts that are actively researching solutions like yours. Marketing and sales can share the same source of data to align lead generation campaigns and hit their goals.


Your customer’s good news is your opportunity for expansion. New funding, major expansions, new products? Get alerted when your customer shares major updates on social media.

Customers are Expensive to Acquire, Better Retention with trender.ai

  • Relying only on what your contact tells you.
  • Getting surprised by “news” that affects your renewal.
  • Not knowing your champion changed jobs or departments.
  • Missing revenue opportunity in other departments or divisions.
  • Lowering CSAT by not knowing what’s going on during check ins.
  • Automatically be in the know on all your accounts when things change.
  • Respond quickly to major changes that could affect your renewal.
  • Know when competitors are sniffing around your customer.
  • Easy engagement to let your customer know you care.
  • Proactively reach out for expansion opportunities.

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