Powering Human-Centric Selling
Each individual customer deserves the respect of being known and they will reward you for it. Trender unlocks buyer accessibility and conversion through continuous, integrated, AI-driven intelligence that reveals, understands, and engages the individual human behind the contact at scale.
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Monitor and Engage Target Accounts

Gather purchase intent data from key accounts across social media that will contribute the most revenue for your company.

Maximize Your ABM Strategy

Target your best accounts

Find valuable insights about preferences and behaviors. Tailor messaging to the customer’s specific attributes and needs.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Marketing & Sales work seamlessly to create a hyper-personalized buying journey for specific market segment to increase conversion across the customer lifecycle.

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Reduce the amount time to engage decision-makers by nurturing all prospects simultaneously.

Clearer ROI

Enrich your marketing data Deliver higher return than traditional marketing alone

Quality versus quantity

You can funnel a ton of leads to sales but if they're not the right fit did your efforts provide any value, or did you just give sales more discovery work?
Gain access to thousands of targetable contacts, gather real-time intelligence and deliver high-quality leads with genuine purchasing intent directly from prospects and accounts for sales.

Strike when the iron is hot

What people are talking about on social media could be a clear indicator that they have an immediate need or deep consideration for product/business solution.
Send alerts to your teams via Slack, Salesforce, or email with all the data that sales needs to personalize outreach. No more logging into multiple tools.

Reach audiences with stronger intent

Further enrich your data with key information from accounts that are actively researching solutions like yours. Marketing and sales can share the same source of data to align lead generation campaigns and hit their goals.

Convert leads that matter

No more arguments with sales over lead quality. Generate revenue more effectively by uncovering purchasing signals from in-market accounts faster using AI-driven insights, recommendations, and native engagement.

Connect, Engage, and Convert with Trender.ai

Old way
  • Hoping people click on your paid social ads.
  • Prospecting to a “vetted” purchased list.
  • Emails go unopened.
  • Using costly lead generation tools.
  • Posting irrelevant content.
  • Exhausting budgets with little ROI.
  • Create targeted searches for the right accounts.
  • Spend time on effective customer outreach.
  • Faster lead qualification.
  • Better segmentation and personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Account insights delivered daily.
  • Higher engagement rates with your content.
  • Generate more pipeline using less budget.

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