Amplify your brand through smarter social listening

Trender’s smart engagement tool helps make social media more engaging.

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Eliminate endless scrolling

Daily work tasks can eat up a lot of your time, making it difficult to focus on growing your audience and attracting more customers. From community management, to customer support, to competitive monitoring, Trender gives you the tools you need to boost efficiency, speed up response times and engage new relationships.

Single View of Social

Don’t skip across social streams to find content. Quickly search across social media channels to quickly uncover trends and actionable insights from conversations in a single organized place.

Listening Tools to
Activate Engagement

Reach your audiences faster and build new relationships quickly. Organize audience targeting across all social channels configurable by topic, geo, language, and audience specifics.

Automation Made Simple

Increase productivity and stay on schedule with automated workflows and recommended actions that allow you to easily collaborate and work across teams.

Manage, Measure
and Take Action

Gathering insights that matter so you can easily track and analyze top profiles and #hashtags across all social channels should be seamless. Reduce the amount of time it takes to uncover conversations around relevant topics to understand consumer sentiment and brand health.

Benefits for multiple roles

  • SMB

    Reduce the amount of time it takes to get your work done. Stop scrolling and start engaging. Trender takes the guesswork out of social media, allowing you to quickly focus and engage based on intelligent recommended actions.

  • Agencies

    Intentions are good but producing actual results for your clients is what drives your business forward. Trender allows you to gather insight and remain highly responsive across all social media channels from one place. Quickly monitor your clients individual hashtags or mentions from multiple platforms and curate high priority phrases into one feed.

What’s included: Key features

Unified social channels

Aggregate all social channels into a single concentrated feed.

Smart filtering

Organize your search by the topics you want to follow, filtered by #hashtag, @profile, or keywords.

Native actions

Quickly engage with posts as they come in. Like, comment or share content directly in Trender in a single, filtered feed.

Recommended actions

Trender’s AI recommendation engine is your digital social assistant and helps inform the right level of engagement. Stop scrolling and start engaging.

Topic channel sharing

Increase team productivity by sharing topic channels internally with employees or externally with partners or clients. Foster effective teamwork with communication and collaboration.

Topic analytics

Quickly see the top #hashtags and user profiles in a unified analytics dashboard.

Supported social channels

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