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Search for new prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.‘s platform helps you quickly target and identify customers who are the best fit for your business.

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  • 1-3 Brand New Prospects Per Day
  • 45%+ Cold Outbound Response Rate
  • 300% Pipeline Increase Per Quarter

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Targeted Search Across Social Networks

Our platform searches across public social networks to find potential customers and uncover new opportunities. Target new customers with a combination of keywords, phrases, and #hashtags all in one search. We find the most relevant posts and organize them in easy to review feeds.

Easily Personalize Outreach

Social media provides a wealth of information to help you better understand your prospect. Quickly get the most recent posts from your prospects for personalized, effective outreach that gets a response.

Warmup Your Outbound With Engagement

Prospects respond to people they recognize. Create an online relationship via social media – like, comment, share, and follow directly from Recommendations help you prioritize the actions that matter. Build authentic relationships at scale in minutes a day.

Know What Matters to Your Prospects monitors the trending conversations in your searches. Easily understand the current top 20 hashtags and keywords your prospects are using in LinkedIn and other social media. Be relevant and up to date with the topics your prospects care about.

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Benefits for multiple roles

  • XDR

    Eliminate manual searches and clicking around to find prospects. Automatically get up to date social information you can use to qualify, personalize and connect with potential new customers.

  • AE

    Turbo charge your ABM. Keep tabs on your account and your competitors. Use to keep an eye on what’s really going on, not just what your contacts tell you.

  • Founders

    Getting those first customers is critical. You need to stand out now. Social media is your secret weapon to get to a large target audience quickly.

  • Marketers

    Shorten the time to qualify inbound leads with automatic searches. Know what your target audience is talking about and boost your content marketing.

“Imagine if you could constantly monitor every relevant social channel and jump in at just the right time. Now stop imagining because now you can.”

Lou Belmonte

Owner at Bombshell Wax

What’s included: Key features

Auto-Updated Searches

Your saved searches are updated every 24 hours for the most relevant and recent information.

Smart Targeting

Use keywords, phrases, #hashtags, and profiles to get what you want to see. Use filtering to focus on a platform or language.

Social Engagement

Quickly engage with posts directly from the platform as they come in. Like, comment, share, follow, or save.

Topic Channels

Save your searches into Topic Channels. Get daily updated content feeds automatically.

Search Feed Sharing

Easily share saved searches with your colleagues to get information out quickly and collaborate.

CSV Import

Bring in leads, accounts, contacts from anywhere to start searching and getting information automatically.

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