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Trender Prospect Finder: Automatically Uncover B2B Prospects

Trender Prospect Finder – automatically scans the web, social media and LinkedIn to discover top prospects with one click. Quickly uncover the latest contact data including email, social handles, LinkedIn URL and cellphone number based on defined persona criteria. Integrates with existing tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, and more.

One Click B2B Prospects

Find & engage the right people at the right companies who want to buy – with just one click. Trender assembles all the contact info “on the fly”.

Features and Benefits

Find Top Prospects

Trender Prospect Finder automatically uncovers the most up to date contact data, eliminating hours of tedious scrolling through LinkedIn.

Target the Right Persona

Trender’s persona filter lets you build and apply multiple personas based on your target ICP.

Increase Sales Productivity

Eliminate time spent clicking through LinkedIn and focus your SDR team on higher productivity efforts with greater ROI.

Highly Cost Efficient

A fraction of the cost of traditional systems – and the data is fresh and up to date!

B2B sales: find the Right Prospects

Import your target accounts into Trender and with one click uncover top prospects including full contact info. Trender scans the web, social media and LinkedIn to find and build the most current prospect data automatically.

Target the Right Persona

Build multiple target personas using Trender’s persona builder including department, role, type, and geography. Optional filters include keywords, #hashtags or phrases.

  • Automatically discover top B2B prospects in your ICP.
  • Enriched data includes LinkedIn URL, email, and phone.
  • Optional keyword filtering uncovers hidden demand and identifies accounts that are ready to buy – understand what prospects are really interested in and actively researching.

Connect With Other Tools

With one click, push contact info to business tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, and others. Trender connects with your favorite sales tools and makes outbound prospecting more productive and effective.

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