Connecting Your Profile Step By Step

  1. Log into the TikTok account you’d like to connect.
  2. In Trender, go to the Linked Accounts tab on the left hand table.
  3. Click on the TikTok icon.

4. Depending on how you created your TikTok account, choose the applicable button for you. For this example, I will sign in using email & password. Enter your account credentials and then click Log In.

5. Authorize Trender to access your account, click Authorize.

6. You’ve now linked your TikTok account to Trender. Click Add Credentials.

7. Enter your TikTok credentials and click Update Account.

8. Congrats, you’ve successfully linked your TikTok account to Trender. You can add multiple TikTok profiles to your Linked Accounts, just log into TikTok with the profile you’d like to connect and repeat the steps above.