What You Need to Connect

Before you begin, you’ll need the email and password you used to set up your Facebook account. You’ll want to have those credentials handy as you link your Facebook profile. 

We only support Facebook business accounts. You’ll need to confirm the account you have linked to your Facebook Page and/or Instagram account is a Facebook business account. 

  • Your account credentials are encrypted and managed using secrets management technology. We cannot access, nor can we decrypt or view your credentials. You can delete your credentials at any time.
  • In accordance with Meta data protection & privacy policies, we only do searches on content that is marked “Public” by the creator. We do not access your private feed, friend list, private group posts, or saved items.

Connecting Your Profile

1. Log into the Facebook account you’d like to connect.
2. In Trender, go to the Linked Accounts tab on the left hand table.
3. Click on the Facebook icon.

4. Enter your Facebook account credentials and click Log In.

5. Click Continue as [Name].

6. Select your Pages, then click Next.

7. Click Done. On this screen, it’s important not to change any of the permissions or Trender may not work properly for you.

8. Click OK. You’ve now linked your Facebook to Trender.

9. Enter your same Facebook credentials and click Update Account.

10. Congrats, you’ve successfully connected your Facebook account to Trender.