How to Set Up your Account Profile

How to do Native Actions

  1. In Trender, go to the Topic Channel Feed tab on the left hand table. You can also click on any of your already existing Topic Channels that you’ve created.
  1. Go to any post in your Topic Channel and you’ll see a button with a right pointing arrow icon to the right of the post.
  1. Click on the button, and a tab will open showing the applicable Native Actions to that posts platform.
  1. If you have multiple social profiles connected to your Trender account, you can click the dropdown arrow next to ‘Posting As’ and choose the profile you want to complete the Native Action with.
  1. Choose the Native Action you want to perform and click the corresponding button. For this example, I will ‘Like’ this post.
  2. After you clicked the button for the Native Action you wanted to do, you will see the tab change, notifying you that your action is being sent. If you don’t want to see this message again, click on the box next to ‘Don’t show this again’ and press Ok.
  1. Once your action has been sent to the corresponding platform, you’ll see a green banner at the top of your screen notifying you that your action has been completed. In my example, I ‘Liked’ the post, so my notification reads – ”Your like has been posted.”
  1. Congrats, you’ve completed a Native Action.