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Use Social Media to Stay Current with Your Accounts

Social media is an untapped goldmine of sales intelligence. Your customers are posting content on social media, which helps fill in the picture about what’s going on with them. Using social media for account monitoring can uncover expansion opportunities, help you get ahead of problems, and enable you to keep in touch with your customers.


Get Rid of Pipeline Anxiety In 5 Easy Steps

During times of budget cuts, deals gone cold, and a growing amount of churn that the most seasoned surfers wouldn't even dare jump into. Don’t let your pipeline create uncontrollable frustration. These five steps will have you hitting your numbers in no time.


AI and the future of sales

Buyers today don’t answer calls and don’t want to be bombarded with emails. Tech savvy buyers expect a different engagement process. It’s time sales starts leveraging social selling across social media, and AI can play a big role in finding prospects who are closer to revenue.


Is Pipeline Anxiety Keeping You Up At Night?

We are all thinking about pipeline anxiety in one way or another. From getting ghosted on deals that you have been working on, and then having to answer why it went cold, or to make quota and keep your job.