Powering Human-Centric Selling
Each individual customer deserves the respect of being known and they will reward you for it. Trender unlocks buyer accessibility and conversion through continuous, integrated, AI-driven intelligence that reveals, understands, and engages the individual human behind the contact at scale.
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Get the insights you need to close more deals.

Enhance your account-based sales efforts by turning social media into an easily managed account and contact monitoring system.

Knowledge is Power - Get The Information You Need

Monitor Priority Accounts

Easily monitor all your target accounts across social media platforms in one central location.

Increase Intelligence

Get real-time insights on open funnel deals and flag hidden risks that can make or break your number.

Engage authentically

Get notifications when your top accounts are actively posting and directly connect with them across social media.

Automation and Integrations

Real-time connectivity to Slack, CRM and Web Intent Data to better track ROI and provide attribution.

Integration Minimizes Interruptions

Stop working in technology silos. Setup, organize and manage company and contact social channels in one place. Easily Import new contacts directly from LinkedIn Nav, ZoomInfo, Apollo.

Unfiltered View of Data

Get up-to-date data and intent about customers in one click. Better prioritize accounts that are showing purchasing signals versus just starting their buying journey.

Improve alignment with Marketing

Target the same accounts and prospects across all your sales and marketing campaigns simultaneously. Create campaigns that expand into multiple marketing and sales outreach channels to improve recall and increase engagement.

Secure your spot on the buyers shortlist

Bypass the typical “who are you & why should we care?” objection. Trender.ai makes it easier for you to connect and start a conversation your prospects care about, all the while keeping you and your offering top of mind.

The old way
  • At the mercy of the algorithm - you see what LI and twitter want you to see.
  • Hours of scrolling and clicking on multiple profiles per day.
  • Using canned messages because it’s too hard to find good information quickly.
  • Missing critical information because you can’t check social media at scale.
  • Relying on what your contact in the deal tells you.
  • Cross platform search in one central location.
  • Set it and forget, no spreadsheets or calendar reminders to check.
  • Get notified instead in the tools you use already (slack, email).
  • Curated feed of focused content.
  • Knowing all the news about your prospect’s company and the other players in the deal.
  • Writing meaningful, personalized outreach that gets noticed.

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