Affordable social listening just like the big brands

Trender helps both small and mid-size businesses reduce the amount of time it takes to develop better relationships with followers. With Trender you can simplify your social, build your brand, stay on top of trends, and engage with more customers on social media.

Save time, be more productive.

With so many different social platforms, an overload of content, and not enough time in the day it’s a challenge for social media managers and business owners to stay informed about what their customers need and care about.

Here’s what we hear from the market:

“I don’t know how to get started or what social platform to focus on.”

“I want to build my brand, but I simply don’t have enough hours in the day with everything else I’m doing.”

“There are a lot of tools that help me schedule and post content, but nothing that helps me decide what to say or do.”

Respond to all your social media in one place

Don’t skip across social streams to find content. Quickly search across social media channels to find exactly what you’re looking for in a single organized place.

Build your brand

Reach your audiences faster and build new relationships quickly. Search, find, and engage with customers via targeted topic channels, filtered by #hashtags, keywords, or people.


of consumers say they will buy from a brand they follow on social media.


of marketers agree that for brands to be relevant on social they need to actively speak out and engage on social issues.


of consumers expect a brand to respond to a service problem within 60 minutes.

Avoid Social Media

Get ahead of social media issues before they become a crisis. Real time listening and content feeds give you insight into what and how people are talking about a topic important to your client. Know before you post to avoid appearing tone deaf or out of touch.

Focus on the right
social platforms

All social platforms are not created equal. Track and analyze top profiles and #hashtags across all social channels and uncover the conversations and platforms that best fit your business.

“Imagine if you could constantly monitor every relevant social channel and jump in at just the right time. Now stop imagining because now you can.”

Lou Belmonte

Owner at Bombshell Wax

What’s included: Key features

Unified social channels

Aggregate all social channels into a single concentrated feed.

Smart filtering

Organize your search by the topics you want to follow, filtered by #hashtag, @profile, or keywords.

Native actions

Quickly engage with posts as they come in. Like, comment or share content directly in Trender in a single, filtered feed.

Recommended actions

Trender’s AI recommendation engine is your digital social assistant and helps inform the right level of engagement. Stop scrolling and start engaging.

Topic channel sharing

Increase team productivity by sharing topic channels internally with employees or externally with partners or clients. Foster effective teamwork with communication and collaboration.

Topic analytics

Quickly see the top #hashtags and user profiles in a unified analytics dashboard.

Supported social channels

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