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Reveald increases SQLs by 70%

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When you’re a sales leader at a company that offers a world-class cyber solution like Revealed, leading an efficient and data-driven sales team isn’t an option — it’s a requirement.

Revealed needed a modern sales intelligence and engagement platform that played nicely with their tech stack, increased conversion rates, and reduced research time. Because of our hybrid sales model, we needed a tool that worked for both direct accounts as well as for our alliances team. Here’s how the team at Reveald and Trender revolutionized their sales team’s workflow and drove 70% more sales-qualified leads.

What sets Reveald apart?

Founded in 2021, Reveald prevents breaches using a Continuous Threat Exposure Management approach and pioneering Adversarial AI technology to empower security operations to transition to a proactive state of mind.

Epiphany is Reveald’s software platform that enables identification, prioritization and mitigation of vulnerabilities and attack paths. Epiphany was built to identify attack paths from an attacker’s perspective utilizing Adversarial AI.

Revealed has a go-to-market motion that includes selling their SaaS solution directly to large enterprises, as well as through partnering with major MSPs like NAME and NAME. Their solution requires an enterprise sales approach, which typically involves a decision maker and multiple key stakeholders.

Revealed needed a solution that could quickly profile comprehensive contact information of target contacts at named accounts, at scale, all in one platform.

Going to market with traditional tools.

Reveald was following a traditional sales playbook. Everything was manual. They used Zoominfo for finding contacts. SDRs would spend hours searching LinkedIn, the web, YouTube, and various forums to try and make sense of their target prospects, in order to try and craft intelligent email outreach.

“It just wasn’t scalable.”

Reveald began searching for a tool that united quality data with efficient engagement features to ensure their team could provide relevant content to the right audience at the right time.

So, Trender was brought in as a pilot.

A solution built for contact intelligence

Suddenly, the Reveald direct sales and alliances team had a solution that could completely eliminate the hours the SDR team was spending on contact research.

What I saw was this amazing, brand new platform that significantly added value to one dimensional data tools like Apollo and Zoominfo, by providing comprehensive contact information including contact background, professional overview, organizations they are affiliated with, their interests, and their personality.

In addition, Trender provides a series of concise email icebreakers in various tones from interesting to humorous, that can be integrated directly into HubSpot for automated outreach”

We saw a lot of potential to be influential from the ground up, in terms of my product knowledge and industry knowledge, but also my experience building and scaling SDR teams.”

Trender was there to help them do it.

Using Trender to streamline research and target outreach

The SDR team suddenly had a world of functionality.

Scott and the Reveald sales leadership focused on coaching and developing reps, teaching them important sales development tactics like automation best practices, filtering for ICPs, personalizing outreach, and building sequences.

Leveraging Trender, they were able to streamline research into one click from LinkedIn or LinkedIn Navigator, with targeted email outreach icebreakers fully aligned with their sales motion.

With an end-to-end platform that allowed SDRs to supplement their 2-dimensional contact info with a multi-dimensional profile and suggest email outreach, Revealed was able to reduce research time by 60% and increase SQLs by 70%, increasing productivity across the sales organization.

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