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  • What is Beta and how does it work?

    A beta app is something we’d like people like you to start using before it’s officially launched to the general public. We’re limiting that to a small group of people so we can provide personal, 1:1 interactions with everyone who wants to talk to us. 

    We know from personal experience that testing a beta product and then feeling like no one really wants to hear what we think kind of sucks. And it doesn’t make us feel very good about the company or the product. We want you to enjoy the beta experience even if you decide Trender isn’t for you. 

    Once you receive an invite, we’ll send you all the information to get started. We think Trender should be as easy as signing up for TikTok or Snapchat so this should take you no more than 5 minutes to get going. We’ll also send you a weekly update of what we’re working on, what’s coming up, and some tips & tricks. At any time, you can book a call with our Chief Product Officer and speak with us personally on Zoom to ask questions, provide feedback, or get support. 

  • What does Trender support today? Will I get new features?

    Right now, Trender supports Topic Channels and Twitter. We’re working on Instagram and Facebook support and we hope to have that very soon. Recommended Actions is also in active development and we’ll be rolling out new recommendations over the entire beta period. 

    We do weekly updates to the Beta app. Each week, those updates will have fixes for reported issues, smaller polish items and features, and when ready, big features like Topic Score, Dynamic Content Creation, and Channel Sharing. 

    While we have particular items that we’re working on, the product is also driven by you! We’re committed to incorporating as many ideas given by our early adopters as you’re using Trender for your needs. We might not get everything in and we’ll do our best to let people know when and why we decide not to include an idea. 

  • Is Trender free? Will I need to start paying for it once it’s launched?

    Trender is free for all beta users. Once we launch, Trender will be a paid subscription.  

    As a thank you for all our beta users, we’ll be giving you your first subscription year for free.

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