Case Studies

Explore how Trender has helped companies and agencies streamline and accelerate their business through individualized intelligence.

Reveald increases SQLs by 70%

Reveald increases SQLs by 70%

When you’re a sales leader at a company that offers a world-class cyber solution like Revealed, leading an efficient and data-driven sales team isn’t an option — it’s a requirement.

Revealed needed a modern sales intelligence and engagement platform that played nicely with their tech stack, increased conversion rates, and reduced research time. Because of our hybrid sales model, we needed a tool that worked for both direct accounts as well as for our alliances team. Here’s how the team at Reveald and Trender revolutionized their sales team’s workflow and drove 70% more sales-qualified leads.

Beacon Increases Meetings by 4x

Beacon is revolutionizing technology implementation in state and local governments, a sector notorious for a high failure rate in IT projects. By providing a comprehensive view of project health, risks, and opportunities, Beacon equips teams with the critical information needed for swift and informed decision-making. Despite facing a challenging market with complex procurement processes and the difficulty of engaging the right decision-makers, Beacon targets a significant opportunity. The potential is exemplified by the California Governor’s 2024 IT project proposals, which amount to $641 million and over 275 positions.

The sale of software to state and local governments is fraught with challenges, including intricate procurement processes, bureaucratic hurdles, and the need to quickly establish trust and credibility in a market dominated by long-standing relationships. Beacon faces the task of penetrating a market where IT leadership is not only difficult to identify but also engage. The uniqueness of this market demanded a specialized approach to identify and connect with key players effectively.

In response to these challenges, Beacon, in collaboration with Trender, has innovatively transformed their team’s workflow. This strategic shift has not only allowed them to navigate the complex landscape of government IT projects more effectively but has also led to a substantial 50% increase in qualified opportunities. Their success underscores the importance of tailored strategies in overcoming market-specific hurdles and capitalizing on significant growth potential in the government sector.