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Have you ever wished you could build something from the ground up? Be a part of the team that “built the app”? Are you looking to join a startup in the early days to get a taste of what it’s like to build a new company? We’ve got the opportunity for you! is a funded, early stage Boston based startup. We’re bringing a new way to manage social media to the market that disrupts the traditional way of doing social media and digital marketing. We’re fusing the best that technology has to offer to streamline, automate and do “smart” social media marketing.  

For the right person, this is a great career opportunity to be working closely with a small team of dedicated people to build an app from the ground up.

Interested? You can reach us at [email protected] 

Please no agencies, recruiters, or outsourcers.

  • Head of Content and Community

    Have you ever wished you could be part of something from the ground up? Be the one who paved the way to build a brand around a community of delighted fans and customers? is a seed funded company based in Boston. We’re leading the charge to bring Social Engagement Automation to market and help people “do social media” in a way that is quick, productive, and authentic. We believe in bringing people the right conversation at the right time and helping them do the right actions with a powerful search and recommendation engine. 

    If you love social media and community building, we’ve got a position for you! 

    We’re looking for someone who will help build our social media presence and a vibrant community of users and customers through content and conversation. In this position, you’ll be working directly with the founders, customers, and advisors to jumpstart a community experience where customers have resources to learn best practices in social media & engagement, be able to engage with the team and the larger community, and feel supported and successful using both social media and our app. 

    This is a “ground up” opportunity. You’ll be responsible for creatively engaging the community via social media and other channels. That might include writing various types of content, interviewing thought leaders and users, finding and promoting other thought leaders who align with our mission, promoting how to use our app, and developing repeatable offerings that help our customers such as podcasts, webinars, or learning curriculum. The end goal is to be the center of gravity of all things social engagement and a fun place where people want to come and learn more about it. 

    We’re a remote company. If you’re in the Boston area, you will have the opportunity to work in a hybrid environment. 

    Start date for this position is January 2022.


    What This Job Is All About

    • Working closely with founders to develop a consistent engagement and enablement strategy that aligns with our target customers and our brand. That strategy would likely include social media content, video and voice content, webinars and interviews, “how to” curriculum, articles, blogs, etc. 
    • Rolling up the sleeves and executing on the community strategy. You’ll be creating content – video, images, copy, articles, etc – and working with various outside contractors to do the work.
    • Maintaining the social media calendar and posting content cross-platform. 
    • Monitoring social media channels using our app to manage public comments, queries, and other conversations about promptly and thoughtfully. 
    • Researching, promoting, and creating content for contemporary topics relevant to social media and social engagement that would be helpful to our community and to our customers using the app and other tools. 
    • Build out and maintain a trender community group where it best fits our users (eg on social media or something like Slack or Discord). 
    • Work with founders to develop a set of metrics to determine the health and vibrancy of the community and provide those metrics on a regular basis to evaluate if our content & community strategy is effective. 
    • Find and build relationships with customers, influencers, and industry thought leaders to create new engagement opportunities for our community. 


    What We’re Looking For

    The majority of our users are in the US and Canada. You’ll be interacting with customers daily and will need to have excellent written and spoken English language skills. Our customers expect that we’re available to them during reasonable work hours so you’ll need to be able to manage a work schedule where you are online and responsive within a Eastern Standard time – Pacific Standard time range. 

    Passion for social media and building a brand. Meaning you’ve done it long enough that you can prove you “get” how to do it. You’ve built a successful community and brand – for you, your company, or something else you’re passionate about. You’re keeping up to date with the latest social media trends and where communities are going. We’ll want to see your social media chops – you should be comfortable and proud to provide your account name(s) and groups so we can take a look. We’re fine if you do this as a creator, influencer, gamer, or side gig – as long as you can show consistent content, creativity, engagement, and a lively social presence for at least a year. 

    Experience doing content and community. We realize this is a relatively new role and not exactly “marketing” or “social media management”. We’d be willing to talk to folks who have proven experience building a community online. That could be in the context of your “marketing” or “customer success” role. It could be that you have built an engaged community around a non-profit you volunteer with. Or you’ve decided to start your own organization online to gather like minded people. Again, we’re going to ask you to show your experience and prove it with access to these communities and forums. 

    Proven experience with measuring your community success. We’re a business and yes, we have to measure our success or failures with metrics. You should be able to easily demonstrate your understanding of the various social media platforms’ analytics and how to interpret them to help grow the community. You should also demonstrate a working knowledge of what metrics matter to track and how these impact business growth and goals. We’ll likely be asking you to show us your analytics for your prior work and talk to us about how you used those metrics to grow your community, meet business goals, and/or decide what strategic changes needed to be made. 


    Who Will Be Successful in the Role

    We’re a seed funded startup. That’s not for everyone. We don’t have a lot of processes and procedures. This is a brand new role we’re looking for someone to dive into and own. You’re going to get asked “how can we do XYZ?” and expect you’re going to come back with a proposal on how to do that. We’re not going to tell you how to Google things or go to these 9 media portals or what books to read to get the answer. For some people, that’s uncomfortable, for others it’s exciting. If you’re excited, read on. 

    • You’re okay with experimentation, change, and mistakes. As we’re going to market, there is a lot of “we don’t know what we don’t know”. 
    • You are scrappy and self-motivated. No one has to tell you how to research, get the answer, or who to talk to. And if you don’t know, you’re not afraid to admit it and ask.  
    • Love being in the spotlight. You’ll be a big part of “the face of the company”. Putting yourself out there should energize you. You’re happy, relaxed, and comfortable to be on voice and video. 
    • Our target markets handle a variety of businesses. Some of those might be “not your thing”. Having an open mind and flexibility to help these folks without getting judgemental about their business is essential. We get it – if you’re not into crystals, cosplay, or hunting, ok – but it should never interfere with your willingness to listen and genuinely help our users be successful using our products. 
    • A customer service mindset. If you’ve ever worked in a service job, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re an introvert or find people draining, you’ll likely be very unhappy in this role. 


    What We Offer

    Just like everyone else – we offer a competitive salary, generous stock options, medical, dental, and vision benefits. 

    More importantly, we have a strong culture that puts employees first. We know that people have a life outside of work and we absolutely support that – whether it’s family, side projects or hobbies. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace makes for a better company and a better product for everyone. We have a deep belief in “building in public” and that also means open communication and participation within the company.

    We encourage applications from people of all races, religions, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and ages, as well as veterans and individuals with disabilities. 


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