Why Trender?

Keeping up with social media is almost impossible with multiple platforms, thousands of posts a day, and let’s face it, a lot of junk and spam out there to wade through! You’ve already got great social media tools focused on things like designing and managing content. Trender is your missing piece to help you find trending conversations and engage authentically with your audience.

Search Across Social Media Platforms to Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

Our search engine helps you pinpoint the content you’re looking for. Simply connect your social profiles and start searching.  No more opening multiple native apps and doing single #hashtag or @people searches. 

  • Search by keyword, phrases, #hashtags and @people all at the same time. 
  • View results in a single feed. 
  • Support for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 
  • TikTok coming soon! 

Save Searches As Real-Time Content Feeds

You can organize your searches and save them into feeds we call “Topic Channels”. Topic Channels refresh automatically and show the latest content in the last 24 hours so you always know what’s happening. Pop in daily and keep current with what your customers are talking about, the latest trends in your industry, or what your competitors are doing.

Engage Authentically (and Productively!)

Have the time to “do social media” and proactively engage with your audience. Like, comment, share directly from your Topic Channel content feed. Not sure what to do? Our recommendation engine prioritizes posts that need your attention & are the best choices to engage on.

Aren’t You Just Like Other Social Media Tools? (Short Answer – No!)

Not only do we search across social media platforms – we make that search smart – the more you use it, the better it learns about your preferences and what’s important to you. Our recommendation engine provides suggestions to help you prioritize content and people that are best suited to your preferences.

Trender Fits in Your Day to Day

Trender looks and acts like your popular social media app so It’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Our most successful customers use Trender at least once a day and check it just like they do email or messaging apps. 

Have Time to “Do Social Media”

Trender customers typically spend no more than an hour a day on social media review and engagement. Our platform helps you to do tasks that would be impossible manually such as finding user generated content, researching latest trends and conversations, and connecting with prospective customers and partners.

  • Get content you would never find manually.
  • Get recommendations when to engage on posts.
  • Increase your search time from hours to seconds.
  • Increase your followers and engagement.

Trender – Your Digital Social Assistant

Try or buy Trender Standard edition today at $35 month to month or $348 annually paid in full.

Stop scrolling and start engaging!

  • Save your searches as Topic Feeds and view all your content in one place.
  • Get real-time updates on your searches. 
  • Like, comment, or share posts without leaving Trender.
  • Share Topic Feeds with co-workers and clients. 
  • Get suggestions on what content to engage with. 
  • Supports multiple profiles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (TikTok coming soon!).