Why Trender?

Outbound isn’t working, no one answers the phone, cold email open rates can be as low as 1%, and SDRs are under extreme pressure to find prospects and more book meetings. Today your target audiences are active on Social media. These are the prospects and accounts you are looking for on LinkedIn and Twitter that you spend valuable time building target lists for and using intrusive methods to try and connect.

Search Across Social Media to Find Qualified Leads and Book More Meetings

Our search engine helps you target and identify buying signals across people and companies on social media. You can connect your social profiles, create targeted prospect lists (accounts, territories, people), and let Trender do the work.

  • Search by keyword, phrases, #hashtags, and @people all at the same time. 
  • View results in a single feed.
  • Support for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Save Searches As Real-Time Content Feeds

You can organize your searches and save them into feeds we call Topic Channels. Topic Channels refresh automatically and show the latest content in the last 48 hours on our Free tier and are configurable up to 10 days on our Standard offering. Simply log in to Trender daily to see what your prospects or customers are talking about, or what your competitors are doing.

Engage Authentically (and Relatable!)

With anything worth doing right, it takes time but developing a relationship where your prospect spends most of their time – on social media allows you to establish trust by engaging thoughtfully. Building connections that deliver value will ultimately increase the number of meetings you book and drive your conversion rates through the roof.

Trender Is Different From Traditional Outbound Tools?

The way people shop today is different from what it was just a few years ago. Over 2.1 billion people worldwide use digital devices to shop online. Trender not only searches across social media platforms – we make searching smart – the more you use it, the more it learns about your targets and what’s important to you.

Trender Fits in Your Day to Day

Trender looks and feels like a social media app so it’s intuitive and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Our most successful customers use Trender at least once a day and check it just like they do email or messaging apps. Trender’s notification and recommendation engine surface prioritized content, people, and conversations based on your preferences.

A Digital Sales Assistant

Trender customers spend no more than an hour a day on social media reviews and engagement. Our platform helps you to do tasks that would be impossible manually, such as finding user-generated content, researching the latest trends and conversations, and connecting with prospective customers and partners.

  • Surface content, prospects, and opportunities you would never find manually.
  • Get recommendations on when to engage on posts.
  • Increase your search time from hours to seconds.
  • Engage over time, establish relationships, and book more meetings.

Trender – Your Digital Sales Assistant

Sign up for our Free Forever service, which includes 3 Topic Channels and 2 days of data, or buy our Standard edition, which includes 20 Topic Channels and 10 days of data.

Find Qualified Leads, Get More Responses, and Book More Meetings.

  • Create Topic Channels for your territory or named accounts.
  • Filter by social media platform, country, or language.
  • Filter by keyword, phrases, #hashtags, and @people all at once.
  • Get real-time updates and notifications on your searches.
  • Like, comment, or share posts without leaving Trender.
  • Share Topic Feeds with co-workers and partners.
  • Get suggestions on what content to engage with.
  • Supports multiple profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok