Let’s Start with Linking Your Social Profiles!

We’ll need to link your social media accounts to Trender to perform public searches and engage with posts. You can link as many social profiles as you’d like. Every social media platform is a bit different – we’ll go over the particulars for each.

Generally for each platform, we’ll ask to authorize Trender for the current account you’ve logged in as. Make sure you’re logged in with the correct account or profile you want to link to Trender before you start.

In some cases, we may ask for your account credentials. This is optional but may limit you from certain features such as Native or Recommended Actions. You can always add your credentials later if you wish.

Linking a Profile

We call these “Linked Accounts”. You may already have a single linked account when you signed up for a trial or purchased a subscription. Adding more accounts is simple:

  • Go to the Linked Accounts option in your profile menu. 
  • Click on the social media icon you want to add. 
  • Trender will ask to authorize your account with the social platform.
  • If available, you can enter your account credentials.

Once completed, you’ll see a Linked Account “card” that you can disable, delete, or optionally add credentials.

Linking Multiple Profiles

Have multiple profiles for Instagram or Twitter? No problem. Simply make sure you’re logged into that profile and repeat the steps above.

Important Details for Instagram

Meta has particular requirements and restrictions that we follow to comply with their data and privacy restrictions. 

We support only Business or Creator accounts for Instagram. Your Instagram profile must be linked with a Facebook account. For us to post comments, likes, or shares on your behalf, we will need your account credentials. You can link accounts without credentials and still be able to search both platforms.

Your account credentials are encrypted and managed using secrets management technology. We cannot access nor can we decrypt or view your credentials. You can delete your credentials at any time. 

Creating and Saving Searches

You can organize and save your searches into what we call Topic Channels. Topic Channels show your search results just like a social media feed so you can quickly review and engage with the returned content. We call search criteria “tags” which you can include or exclude to refine your search.

Creating a New Topic Channel

When you log into Trender, you’ll be taken to the home screen where you’ll see your current Topic Channels and add new ones. Simply click the big purple + button to get started. We’ll ask you to name your Topic Channel. You can add a description if you like. 

Next, you’ll add your Include and Exclude criteria. The Include box is what you want to narrow your search for. The Exclude box is what you don’t want to see in your search. 

You can’t save a Topic Channel unless you have some Include items. Some tips on making your search effective:

  • Include criteria can be #hashtag, @profile, or keywords.
  • You can enter any combination of Include criteria at the same time.
  • You can enter keyword phrases like “devops” or “fintech venture capital”.
  • You need at least one “Include” criteria to save your Topic Channel.
  • You can always adjust your “Include” criteria after you save the Topic Channel.

Trender will start searching across your linked social media platforms and return content that has the highest relevance to your “Include” criteria.

Topic Channel Tips & Tricks

Just like a Google search, what you put in your search will affect the content you get back. If you put in a broad term like “sneakers” you’ll likely get a lot of content back that isn’t what you were looking for! You’ll want to play around with more specifics to get the best results.

Sometimes what we’re looking for isn’t as popular as we thought. It is possible to get no results from your search. There can be several reasons for that – here are the most common:

  • Wrong or misspelled words, hashtags, or profile names.
  • Your search is too narrow.
  • Your topic isn’t popular on the platforms you’ve chosen and no one has posted within the last 24-48 hours.

Brand new Topic Channels could take a while to find content. Depending on your search criteria and how many platforms you’ve linked, it is not uncommon to get back 100,000 or more posts to review for relevancy. That can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or more.

Trender only searches public content. We do not search or show content from profiles marked as Private or posters who are under the age of 18 on any supported platform.

Trender will search Facebook Group content if the social profile is already part of that Group and/or the Group is Open. Due to Meta privacy restrictions, we cannot fully show Private Group content in your Topic Feed. Your search results for Private Group content will indicate the Group and URL to the group post. You will need to click on the link to be taken directly to the group post in Facebook.

Engaging With Content

Once you’ve got your Topic Channels set up, you can start reviewing and engaging with your posts. We have two ways to do that – Native and Recommended Actions. Both of these features allow you to directly engage with the poster without leaving Trender.

Native Actions

Each post has a button that allows you to perform what we call a “Native Action” – like, comment, share, save, or follow. Native Actions vary from platform to platform. Your Native Action pane will show which actions you can perform.

Recommended Actions

Our recommendation engine will review and tag certain posts in your Topic Channel that we think would be of high value to engage with. You’ll see a lightbulb icon next to these posts. Simply click on the icon to see the recommendation and take action.

Go Directly to the Post

You always have the option to go directly to the original post natively to engage instead of using Trender actions. Simply click anywhere on the post to be taken directly to the content in a new browser tab.

Saving Posts

You can save posts as you’re scrolling by clicking the Save Posts button in Native Actions.

Sharing Topic Channels

You can share Topic Channels with peers, customers, or partners. Simply click the three-dot ellipse next to the Topic Channel and select “share”.

Need Help? Contact [email protected] or submit a support request.